1 prefetch.inc public DatabaseStatementPrefetch::fetchCol($index = 0)

Returns an entire single column of a result set as an indexed array.

Note that this method will run the result set to the end.


$index: The index of the column number to fetch.

Return value

An indexed array, or an empty array if there is no result set.:

Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchCol


core/includes/database/prefetch.inc, line 448
Database interface code for engines that need complete control over their result sets.


An implementation of DatabaseStatementInterface that prefetches all data.


public function fetchCol($index = 0) {
  if (isset($this->columnNames[$index])) {
    $column = $this->columnNames[$index];
    $result = array();
    // Traverse the array as PHP would have done.
    while (isset($this->currentRow)) {
      $result[] = $this->currentRow[$column];
    return $result;
  else {
    return array();