DatabaseConnection::popCommittableTransactions in core/includes/database/
Internal function: commit all the transaction layers that can commit.
DatabaseConnection::pushTransaction in core/includes/database/
Increases the depth of transaction nesting.
DatabaseConnection::rollback in core/includes/database/
Rolls back the transaction entirely or to a named savepoint.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::nextId in core/includes/database/mysql/
Retrieves an unique id from a given sequence.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::nextIdDelete in core/includes/database/mysql/
DatabaseConnection_mysql::popCommittableTransactions in core/includes/database/mysql/
Overridden to work around issues to MySQL not supporting transactional DDL.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::queryRange in core/includes/database/mysql/
Runs a limited-range query on this database object.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::queryTemporary in core/includes/database/mysql/
Runs a SELECT query and stores its results in a temporary table.
DatabaseConnection_mysql::utf8mb4IsSupported in core/includes/database/mysql/
Checks whether utf8mb4 support is available on the current database system.