block_admin_configure in core/modules/block/
Form constructor for the block configuration form.
contact_site_form in core/modules/contact/
Form constructor for the site-wide contact form.
drupal_not_found in core/includes/
Delivers a "page not found" error to the browser.
file_download in core/includes/
Page callback: Handles private file transfers.
file_transfer in core/includes/
Transfers a file to the client using HTTP.
language_admin_delete_form in core/modules/language/
User interface for the language deletion confirmation screen.
node_page_view in core/modules/node/node.module
Page callback: Displays a single node.
views_plugin_display_feed::execute in core/modules/views/plugins/
Feeds do not go through the standard page theme hooks. Instead, they go through their own theme function and then return NULL so that Backdrop believes that the page has already rendered itself... which it has.
views_plugin_display_page::execute in core/modules/views/plugins/
The display page handler returns a normal view, but it also does a backdrop_set_title for the page, and does a views_set_page_view on the view.