1 cache.inc cache_get_multiple(array &$cids, $bin = 'cache')

Returns data from the persistent cache when given an array of cache IDs.


$cids: An array of cache IDs for the data to retrieve. This is passed by reference, and will have the IDs successfully returned from cache removed.

$bin: The cache bin from which data should be retrieved. Valid core values are "cache", "bootstrap", "field", "filter", "form", "menu", "page", "path", "update", "views", and "views_data". Bin names may include the prefix of "cache_", but it is stripped out before execution

Return value

An array of the items successfully returned from cache indexed by cid.:


core/includes/cache.inc, line 78
Functions and interfaces for cache handling.


function cache_get_multiple(array &$cids, $bin = 'cache') {
  return cache($bin)->getMultiple($cids);