1 ajax.inc ajax_command_after($selector, $html, $settings = NULL)

Creates a Backdrop Ajax 'insert/after' command.

The 'insert/after' command instructs the client to use jQuery's after() method to insert the given HTML content after each element matched by the given selector.

This command is implemented by Backdrop.ajax.prototype.commands.insert() defined in misc/ajax.js.


$selector: A jQuery selector string. If the command is a response to a request from an #ajax form element then this value can be NULL.

$html: The data to use with the jQuery after() method.

$settings: An optional array of settings that will be used for this command only.

Return value

An array suitable for use with the ajax_render() function.:

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core/includes/ajax.inc, line 1095
Functions for use with Backdrop's Ajax framework.


function ajax_command_after($selector, $html, $settings = NULL) {
  return array(
    'command' => 'insert',
    'method' => 'after',
    'selector' => $selector,
    'data' => $html,
    'settings' => $settings,