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There are some Drupal 7 modules that have no Backdrop versions of the same name, but there are Backdrop contrib modules can provide the same functionality (functionality that may be required by the Backdrop versions of Drupal 7 contrib modules). These may require special handling. A list of modules and their recommended replacements and handling is provided below.

If you would like to suggest additions to this list, please open an issue in the documentation issue queue.

Modules requiring replacement

These are modules that existed in Drupal 7 and, do not exist in Backdrop, but have recommended replacements that may be required by some contrib modules.

Entity API

The Drupal 7 Entity API module (machine name: <code>entity</code>) contained functionality that has been split up; some was moved into Backdrop core, other functionality now resides in the contrib modules Entity Plus, Entity UI, and Entity Tokens. The Backdrop versions of several Drupal 7 modules require this additional functionality and so require special handling, for example, the installation of Drupal 7 "stub" modules during the Preparation phase of upgrading. Modules that require such special handling include:

Please see the README files for the respective Backdrop projects for details of the special handling.

Modules with recommended replacements

These are modules that exist in both Drupal 7 and Backdrop, for which we recommend alternatives or replacements.


There is now a Backdrop version of Colorbox module, but a recommended replacement is Featherlight.