The core Backdrop repository on GitHub incorporates automated testing using ZenCI. All pull requests will be automatically tested and a report submitted suggesting whether the pull request has passed all tests or which tests were failed. If you're encountering regular failures when submitting pull requests, you can use multiple approaches to resolve the test failures without needing to make pull requests.

  • Run the tests locally
    • You can run tests locally by enabling the "SimpleTest" module and then visiting admin/config/development/testing and running the individual test that failed.
  • Run the tests using the shell script
    • If you're running all the tests, you may benifit from using the shell script version of the test suite, which can run faster by executing tests in parallel. To do this, enable the SimpleTest module on your site, and then using a command line at the root of your Backdrop installation, run this command:
    • ./core/scripts/ --concurrency 8 --url 'http://localhost/' --all
    • Note: You'll need to replace "localhost" with the URL of your installation.
  • Enable ZenCI on your repository
    • ZenCI does not yet support contrib module testing, although it is being worked on.