This is the Form API Tutorial, originally from the Backdrop handbook.

It goes through 10 form examples of increasing complexity to demonstrate Backdrop Form API.

Links are provided inline for the related handbook pages.

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Namesort descending Description
form_example_tutorial Main Form tutorial page.
form_example_tutorial_1 Tutorial Example 1.
form_example_tutorial_10 Example 10: A form with a file upload field.
form_example_tutorial_10_submit Submit handler for form_example_tutorial_10().
form_example_tutorial_10_validate Validate handler for form_example_tutorial_10().
form_example_tutorial_2 This is Example 2, a basic form with a submit button.
form_example_tutorial_3 Example 3: A basic form with fieldsets.
form_example_tutorial_4 Example 4: Basic form with required fields.
form_example_tutorial_5 Example 5: Basic form with additional element attributes.
form_example_tutorial_6 Example 6: A basic form with a validate handler.
form_example_tutorial_6_validate Validation handler for Tutorial 6.
form_example_tutorial_7 Example 7: With a submit handler.
form_example_tutorial_7_submit Submit function for form_example_tutorial_7().
form_example_tutorial_7_validate Validation function for form_example_tutorial_7().
form_example_tutorial_8 Example 8: A simple multistep form with a Next and a Back button.
form_example_tutorial_8_next_submit Submit handler for form_example_tutorial_8() next button.
form_example_tutorial_8_next_validate Validate handler for the next button on first page.
form_example_tutorial_8_page_two Returns the form for the second page of form_example_tutorial_8().
form_example_tutorial_8_page_two_back Back button handler submit handler.
form_example_tutorial_8_page_two_submit The page 2 submit handler.
form_example_tutorial_9 Example 9: A form with a dynamically added new fields.
form_example_tutorial_9_add_name Submit handler for "Add another name" button on form_example_tutorial_9().
form_example_tutorial_9_remove_name Submit handler for "Remove name" button on form_example_tutorial_9().
form_example_tutorial_9_submit Submit function for form_example_tutorial_9().
form_example_tutorial_9_validate Validate function for form_example_tutorial_9().