1 database_example.test public DatabaseExampleUnitTestCase::testAPIExamples()

Tests several combinations, adding entries, updating and deleting.


modules/examples/database_example/tests/database_example.test, line 77
SimpleTests for the Database Example module.


Default test case for the Database Example module.


public function testAPIExamples() {
  // Create a new entry.
  $entry = array(
    'name' => 'James',
    'surname' => 'Doe',
    'age' => 23,

  // Save another entry.
  $entry = array(
    'name' => 'Jane',
    'surname' => 'NotDoe',
    'age' => 19,

  // Verify that 4 records are found in the database.
  $result = database_example_entry_load();
  $this->assertEqual(count($result), 4, 'Found a total of four entries in the table after creating two additional entries.');

  // Verify 2 of these records have 'Doe' as surname.
  $result = database_example_entry_load(array('surname' => 'Doe'));
  $this->assertEqual(count($result), 2, 'Found two entries in the table with surname = "Doe".');

  // Now find our not-Doe entry.
  $result = database_example_entry_load(array('surname' => 'NotDoe'));
  $this->assertEqual(count($result), 1, 'Found one entry in the table with surname "NotDoe');
  // Our NotDoe will be changed to "NowDoe".
  $entry = $result[0];
  $entry->surname = "NowDoe";
  database_example_entry_update((array) $entry);

  $result = database_example_entry_load(array('surname' => 'NowDoe'));
  $this->assertEqual(count($result), 1, "Found renamed 'NowDoe' surname");

  // Read only John Doe entry.
  $result = database_example_entry_load(array('name' => 'John', 'surname' => 'Doe'));
  $this->assertEqual(count($result), 1, 'Found one entry for John Doe.');
  // Get the entry.
  $entry = (array) end($result);
  // Change the age to 45 and update the entry in the database.
  $entry['age'] = 45;
  database_example_entry_update((array) $entry);

  // Find entries with age equal to 45 where the surname is NowDoe.
  $result = database_example_entry_load(array('surname' => 'NowDoe'));
  $this->assertEqual(count($result), 1, 'Found one entry with surname = Nowdoe.');

  // Verify it is Jane NowDoe.
  $entry = (array) end($result);
  $this->assertEqual($entry['name'], 'Jane', 'The name Jane has been found in the database');
  $this->assertEqual($entry['surname'], 'NowDoe', 'The surname NowDoe has been found in the database');

  // Delete the entry.

  // Verify that now there are only 3 records.
  $result = database_example_entry_load();
  $this->assertEqual(count($result), 3, 'Found only three records.');