1 ajax_example.test public AjaxExampleTestCase::testDynamicSectionsNoJs()

Check the non-JavaScript version of the "Dynamic Sections" example.


modules/examples/ajax_example/tests/ajax_example.test, line 24
Test ajax example module.


Functional tests for AJAX Example module.


public function testDynamicSectionsNoJs() {
  // The path to the example form.
  $path = 'examples/ajax_example/dynamic_sections_no_js';
  // Confirmation text for right and wrong answers.
  $wrong = t('Wrong answer. Try again. (Hint: The right answer is "George Washington".)');
  $right = t('You got the right answer: George Washington');
  // For each question style, choose some parameters.
  $params = array(
    t('Multiple Choice') => array(
      'value' => t('Abraham Lincoln'),
      'answer' => t('Abraham Lincoln'),
      'response' => $wrong,
    t('True/False') => array(
      'value' => t('George Washington'),
      'answer' => t('George Washington'),
      'response' => $right,
    t('Fill-in-the-blanks') => array(
      'value' => NULL,
      'answer' => t('George Washington'),
      'response' => $right,
  foreach ($params as $style => $q_and_a) {
    // Submit the initial form.
    $edit = array('question_type_select' => $style);
    $this->backdropPost($path, $edit, t('Choose'));
    $this->assertResponse(200, format_string('Question style "@style" selected.', array('@style' => $style)));
    // For convenience, make variables out of the entries in $q_and_a.
    // Check for the expected input field.
    $this->assertFieldByName('question', $value);
    // Now, submit the dynamically generated form.
    $edit = array('question' => $answer);
    $this->backdropPost(NULL, $edit, t('Submit your answer'));
    $this->assertRaw($response, 'Dynamic form has been submitted.');