1 views_ui_base_views_wizard.php protected ViewsUiBaseViewsWizard::alter_display_options(&$display_options, $form, $form_state)

Alter the full array of display options before they are added to the view.


core/modules/views_ui/wizards/views_ui_base_views_wizard.php, line 547
Provides the interface and base class for Views Wizard plugins.


A very generic Views Wizard class - can be constructed for any base table.


protected function alter_display_options(&$display_options, $form, $form_state) {
  // If any of the displays use jump menus, we want to add fields to the view
  // that store the path that will be used in the jump menu. The fields to
  // use for this are defined by the plugin.
  if (isset($this->plugin['path_field'])) {
    $path_field = $this->plugin['path_field'];
    $path_fields_added = FALSE;
    foreach ($display_options as $display_type => $options) {
      if (!empty($options['style_plugin']) && $options['style_plugin'] == 'jump_menu') {
        // Regardless of how many displays have jump menus, we only need to
        // add a single set of path fields to the view.
        if (!$path_fields_added) {
          // The plugin might provide supplemental fields that it needs to
          // generate the path (for example, node revisions need the node ID
          // as well as the revision ID). We need to add these first so they
          // are available as replacement patterns in the main path field.
          $path_fields = !empty($this->plugin['path_fields_supplemental']) ? $this->plugin['path_fields_supplemental'] : array();
          $path_fields[] = &$path_field;

          // Generate a unique ID for each field so we don't overwrite
          // existing ones.
          foreach ($path_fields as &$field) {
            $field['id'] = view::generate_item_id($field['id'], $display_options['default']['fields']);
            $display_options['default']['fields'][$field['id']] = $field;

          $path_fields_added = TRUE;

        // Configure the style plugin to use the path field to generate the
        // jump menu path.
        $display_options[$display_type]['style_options']['path'] = $path_field['id'];

  // If any of the displays use the table style, take sure that the fields
  // always have a labels by unsetting the override.
  foreach ($display_options as &$options) {
    if ($options['style_plugin'] == 'table') {
      foreach ($display_options['default']['fields'] as &$field) {