1 views_test_plugin_access_test_static.inc views_test_plugin_access_test_static::get_access_callback()

Determine the access callback and arguments.

This information will be embedded in the menu in order to reduce performance hits during menu item access testing, which happens a lot.

Return value

an array; the first item should be the function to call,: and the second item should be an array of arguments. The first item may also be TRUE (bool only) which will indicate no access control.)

Overrides views_plugin_access::get_access_callback


core/modules/views/tests/views_test/test_plugins/views_test_plugin_access_test_static.inc, line 22
Definition of views_test_plugin_access_test_static.


Tests a static access plugin.


function get_access_callback() {
  return array('views_test_test_static_access_callback', array(!empty($options['access'])));