This template handles the layout of the views exposed filter form.

Variables available:

  • $widgets: An array of exposed form widgets. Each widget contains:
  • $widget->label: The visible label to print. May be optional.
  • $widget->operator: The operator for the widget. May be optional.
  • $widget->widget: The widget itself.
  • $sort_by: The select box to sort the view using an exposed form.
  • $sort_order: The select box with the ASC, DESC options to define order. May be optional.
  • $items_per_page: The select box with the available items per page. May be optional.
  • $offset: A textfield to define the offset of the view. May be optional.
  • $reset_button: A button to reset the exposed filter applied. May be optional.
  • $button: The submit button for the form.



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