1 views_plugin_display_default.inc views_plugin_display_default::execute()

The default execute handler fully renders the view.

For the simplest use:

  $output = $view->execute_display('default', $args);

For more complex usages, a view can be partially built:

  $view->build('default'); // Build the query
  $view->pre_execute(); // Pre-execute the query.
  $view->execute(); // Run the query
  $output = $view->render(); // Render the view

If short circuited at any point, look in $view->build_info for information about the query. After execute, look in $view->result for the array of objects returned from db_query.

You can also do:

  $output = $view->render('default'); // Render the view

This illustrates that render is smart enough to call build and execute if these items have not already been accomplished.

Note that execute also must accomplish other tasks, such as setting page titles, breadcrumbs, and generating exposed filter data if necessary.

Overrides views_plugin_display::execute


core/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_display_default.inc, line 54
Contains the default display plugin.


A plugin to handle defaults on a view.


function execute() {
  return $this->view->render($this->display->id);