1 views_plugin_argument_default.inc views_plugin_argument_default::check_access(&$form, $option_name)

If we don't have access to the form but are showing it anyway, ensure that the form is safe and cannot be changed from user input.

This is only called by child objects if specified in the options_form(), so it will not always be used.


core/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_argument_default.inc, line 72
Definition of views_plugin_argument_default.


The fixed argument default handler; also used as the base.


function check_access(&$form, $option_name) {
  if (!$this->access()) {
    $form[$option_name]['#disabled'] = TRUE;
    $form[$option_name]['#value'] = $form[$this->option_name]['#default_value'];
    $form[$option_name]['#description'] .= ' <strong>' . t('Note: you do not have permission to modify this. If you change the default filter type, this setting will be lost and you will NOT be able to get it back.') . '</strong>';