1 views_handler_filter_date.inc views_handler_filter_date::build_group_validate($form, &$form_state)

Validate the build group options form.

Overrides views_handler_filter::build_group_validate


core/modules/views/handlers/views_handler_filter_date.inc, line 101
Definition of views_handler_filter_date.


Filter to handle dates stored as a timestamp.


function build_group_validate($form, &$form_state) {
  // Special case to validate grouped date filters, this is because the
  // $group['value'] array contains the type of filter (date or offset)
  // and therefore the number of items the comparission has to be done
  // against 'one' instead of 'zero'.
  foreach ($form_state['values']['options']['group_info']['group_items'] as $id => $group) {
    if (empty($group['remove'])) {
      // Check if the title is defined but value wasn't defined.
      if (!empty($group['title'])) {
        if ((!is_array($group['value']) && empty($group['value'])) || (is_array($group['value']) && count(array_filter($group['value'])) == 1)) {
          form_error($form['group_info']['group_items'][$id]['value'], t('The value is required if title for this item is defined.'));

      // Check if the value is defined but title wasn't defined.
      if ((!is_array($group['value']) && !empty($group['value'])) || (is_array($group['value']) && count(array_filter($group['value'])) > 1)) {
        if (empty($group['title'])) {
          form_error($form['group_info']['group_items'][$id]['title'], t('The title is required if value for this item is defined.'));