1 views_handler_field_prerender_list.inc views_handler_field_prerender_list::get_items($values)

Return an array of items for the field.

Items should be stored in the result array, if possible, as an array with 'value' as the actual displayable value of the item, plus any items that might be found in the 'alter' options array for creating links, such as 'path', 'fragment', 'query' etc, such a thing is to be made. Additionally, items that might be turned into tokens should also be in this array.


core/modules/views/handlers/views_handler_field_prerender_list.inc, line 118
Definition of views_handler_field_prerender_list.


Field handler to provide a list of items.


function get_items($values) {
  // Only the parent get_value returns a single field.
  $field = parent::get_value($values);
  if (!empty($this->items[$field])) {
    return $this->items[$field];

  return array();