1 views_handler_argument.inc views_handler_argument::default_summary()

Default action: summary.

If an argument was expected and was not given, in this case, display a summary query.


core/modules/views/handlers/views_handler_argument.inc, line 828


Base class for arguments.


function default_summary() {
  $this->view->build_info['summary'] = TRUE;
  $this->view->build_info['summary_level'] = $this->options['id'];

  // Change the display style to the summary style for this
  // argument.
  $this->view->plugin_name = $this->options['summary']['format'];
  $this->view->style_options = $this->options['summary_options'];

  // Clear out the normal primary field and whatever else may have
  // been added and let the summary do the work.

  $by = $this->options['summary']['number_of_records'] ? 'num_records' : NULL;
  $this->summary_sort($this->options['summary']['sort_order'], $by);

  // Summaries have their own sorting and fields, so tell the View not
  // to build these.
  $this->view->build_sort = $this->view->build_fields = FALSE;
  return TRUE;