1 views_plugin_argument_default_user.inc views_plugin_argument_default_user::convert_options(&$options)

Convert options from the older style.

In Views 3, the method of storing default argument options has changed and each plugin now gets its own silo. This method can be used to move arguments from the old style to the new style. See views_plugin_argument_default_fixed for a good example of this method.

Overrides views_plugin_argument_default::convert_options


core/modules/user/views/views_plugin_argument_default_user.inc, line 26
Contains the user from URL argument default plugin.


Default argument plugin to extract a user via menu_get_object.


function convert_options(&$options) {
  if (!isset($options['user']) && isset($this->argument->options['default_argument_user'])) {
    $options['user'] = $this->argument->options['default_argument_user'];