1 views_handler_filter_user_permissions.inc views_handler_filter_user_permissions::get_value_options()

Child classes should be used to override this function and set the 'value options', unless 'options callback' is defined as a valid function or static public method to generate these values.

This can use a guard to be used to reduce database hits as much as possible.

Return value

Return the stored values in $this->value_options if someone expects it.:

Overrides views_handler_filter_in_operator::get_value_options


core/modules/user/views/views_handler_filter_user_permissions.inc, line 52
Definition of views_handler_filter_user_permissions.


Filter handler for user roles.


function get_value_options() {
  $module_info = system_get_info('module');

  // Get a list of all the modules implementing a hook_permission() and sort by
  // display name.
  $modules = array();
  foreach (module_implements('permission') as $module) {
    $modules[$module] = $module_info[$module]['name'];

  $this->value_options = array();
  foreach ($modules as $module => $display_name) {
    if ($permissions = module_invoke($module, 'permission')) {
      foreach ($permissions as $perm => $perm_item) {
        $this->value_options[t('@module module', array('@module' => $module))][$perm] = check_plain(strip_tags($perm_item['title']));