Hooks provided by the Taxonomy module.




Namesort descending Description
hook_taxonomy_term_delete Respond to taxonomy term deletion.
hook_taxonomy_term_insert Act on taxonomy terms when inserted.
hook_taxonomy_term_load Act on taxonomy terms when loaded.
hook_taxonomy_term_page_alter Alter the results of taxonomy_term_page().
hook_taxonomy_term_predelete Act before taxonomy term deletion.
hook_taxonomy_term_presave Act on taxonomy terms before they are saved.
hook_taxonomy_term_update Act on taxonomy terms when updated.
hook_taxonomy_term_view Act on a taxonomy term that is being assembled before rendering.
hook_taxonomy_term_view_alter Alter the results of taxonomy_term_view().
hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_delete Respond to taxonomy vocabulary deletion.
hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_insert Act on taxonomy vocabularies when inserted.
hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_load Act on taxonomy vocabularies when loaded.
hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_predelete Act before taxonomy vocabulary deletion.
hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_presave Act on taxonomy vocabularies before they are saved.
hook_taxonomy_vocabulary_update Act on taxonomy vocabularies when updated.