1 system.tar.inc public Archive_Tar::create($p_filelist)

This method creates the archive file and add the files / directories that are listed in $p_filelist. If a file with the same name exist and is writable, it is replaced by the new tar. The method return false and a PEAR error text. The $p_filelist parameter can be an array of string, each string representing a filename or a directory name with their path if needed. It can also be a single string with names separated by a single blank. For each directory added in the archive, the files and sub-directories are also added. See also createModify() method for more details.


array $p_filelist An array of filenames and directory names, or a: single string with names separated by a single blank space.

Return value

true on success, false on error.:

See also



core/modules/system/system.tar.inc, line 346




public function create($p_filelist) 
  return $this->createModify($p_filelist, '', '');