1 token.test TokenScanTest::testTokenScan()

Scans dummy text, then tests the output.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/token.test, line 170
Test integration for the token module.


Test token replacement in strings.


function testTokenScan() {
  // Define text with valid and not valid, fake and existing token-like
  // strings.
  $text = 'First a [valid:simple], but dummy token, and a dummy [valid:token with: spaces].';
  $text .= 'Then a [not valid:token].';
  $text .= 'Last an existing token: [node:author:name].';
  $token_wannabes = token_scan($text);

  $this->assertTrue(isset($token_wannabes['valid']['simple']), 'A simple valid token has been matched.');
  $this->assertTrue(isset($token_wannabes['valid']['token with: spaces']), 'A valid token with space characters in the token name has been matched.');
  $this->assertFalse(isset($token_wannabes['not valid']), 'An invalid token with spaces in the token type has not been matched.');
  $this->assertTrue(isset($token_wannabes['node']), 'An existing valid token has been matched.');