1 token.test TokenReplaceTestCase::testTokenReplacement()

Creates a user and a node, then tests the tokens generated from them.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/token.test, line 16
Test integration for the token module.


Test token replacement in strings.


function testTokenReplacement() {
  // Create the initial objects.
  $account = $this->backdropCreateUser();
  $node = $this->backdropCreateNode(array('uid' => $account->uid));
  $node->title = '<blink>Blinking Text</blink>';
  global $user, $language;

  $source = '[node:title]'; // Title of the node we passed in
  $source .= '[node:author:name]'; // Node author's name
  $source .= '[node:created:since]'; // Time since the node was created
  $source .= '[current-user:name]'; // Current user's name
  $source .= '[date:short]'; // Short date format of REQUEST_TIME
  $source .= '[user:name]'; // No user passed in, should be untouched
  $source .= '[bogus:token]'; // Non-existent token

  $target = check_plain($node->title);
  $target .= check_plain($account->name);
  $target .= format_interval(REQUEST_TIME - $node->created, 2, $language->langcode);
  $target .= check_plain($user->name);
  $target .= format_date(REQUEST_TIME, 'short', '', NULL, $language->langcode);

  // Test that the clear parameter cleans out non-existent tokens.
  $result = @token_replace($source, array('node' => $node), array('language' => $language, 'clear' => TRUE));
  $this->assertEqual($target, $result, 'Valid tokens replaced while invalid tokens cleared out.');

  // Test without using the clear parameter (non-existent token untouched).
  $target .= '[user:name]';
  $target .= '[bogus:token]';
  $result = @token_replace($source, array('node' => $node), array('language' => $language));
  $this->assertEqual($target, $result, 'Valid tokens replaced while invalid tokens ignored.');

  // Check that the results of token_generate are sanitized properly. This does NOT
  // test the cleanliness of every token -- just that the $sanitize flag is being
  // passed properly through the call stack and being handled correctly by a 'known'
  // token, [node:title].
  $raw_tokens = array('title' => '[node:title]');
  $generated = token_generate('node', $raw_tokens, array('node' => $node));
  $this->assertEqual($generated['[node:title]'], check_plain($node->title), 'Token sanitized.');

  $generated = token_generate('node', $raw_tokens, array('node' => $node), array('sanitize' => FALSE));
  $this->assertEqual($generated['[node:title]'], $node->title, 'Unsanitized token generated properly.');

  // Test token replacement when the string contains no tokens.
  $this->assertEqual(token_replace('No tokens here.'), 'No tokens here.');