1 theme.test ThemeRegistryTestCase::testRaceCondition()

Tests the behavior of the theme registry class.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/theme.test, line 657
Tests for the theme API.


Tests for the ThemeRegistry class.


function testRaceCondition() {
  $cid = 'test_theme_registry';

  // Directly instantiate the theme registry, this will cause a base cache
  // entry to be written in __construct().
  $registry = new ThemeRegistry($cid, 'cache');

  $this->assertTrue(cache()->get($cid), 'Cache entry was created.');

  // Trigger a cache miss for an offset.
  $this->assertTrue($registry['theme_test_template_test'], 'Offset was returned correctly from the theme registry.');
  // This will cause the ThemeRegistry class to write an updated version of
  // the cache entry when it is destroyed, usually at the end of the request.
  // Before that happens, manually delete the cache entry we created earlier
  // so that the new entry is written from scratch.

  // Destroy the class so that it triggers a cache write for the offset.

  $this->assertTrue(cache()->get($cid), 'Cache entry was created.');

  // Create a new instance of the class. Confirm that both the offset
  // requested previously, and one that has not yet been requested are both
  // available.
  $registry = new ThemeRegistry($cid, 'cache');
  $this->assertTrue($registry['theme_test_template_test'], 'Offset was returned correctly from the theme registry');
  $this->assertTrue($registry['theme_test_template_test_2'], 'Offset was returned correctly from the theme registry');