1 schema.test protected SchemaTestCase::assertFieldCharacteristics($table_name, $field_name, $field_spec)

Assert that a newly added field has the correct characteristics.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/schema.test, line 327
Tests for the Database Schema API.


Unit tests for the Schema API.


protected function assertFieldCharacteristics($table_name, $field_name, $field_spec) {
  // Check that the initial value has been registered.
  if (isset($field_spec['initial'])) {
    // There should be no row with a value different than $field_spec['initial'].
    $count = db_select($table_name)
      ->fields($table_name, array('serial_column'))
      ->condition($field_name, $field_spec['initial'], '<>')
    $this->assertEqual($count, 0, 'Initial values filled out.');

  // Check that the default value has been registered.
  if (isset($field_spec['default'])) {
    // Try inserting a row, and check the resulting value of the new column.
    $id = db_insert($table_name)
    $field_value = db_select($table_name)
      ->fields($table_name, array($field_name))
      ->condition('serial_column', $id)
    $this->assertEqual($field_value, $field_spec['default'], 'Default value registered.');

  db_drop_field($table_name, $field_name);