1 pager.test protected PagerFunctionalWebTestCase::assertPagerItems($current_page)

Asserts pager items and links.


int $current_page: The current pager page the internal browser is on.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/pager.test, line 71
Tests for pager functionality.


Tests pager functionality.


protected function assertPagerItems($current_page) {
  $elements = $this->xpath('//ul[@class=:class]/li', array(':class' => 'pager'));
  $this->assertTrue(!empty($elements), 'Pager found.');

  // Make current page 1-based.

  // Extract first/previous and next/last items.
  // first/previous only exist, if the current page is not the first.
  if ($current_page > 1) {
    $first = array_shift($elements);
    $previous = array_shift($elements);
  // next/last always exist, unless the current page is the last.
  if ($current_page != count($elements)) {
    $last = array_pop($elements);
    $next = array_pop($elements);

  // Verify items and links to pages.
  foreach ($elements as $page => $element) {
    // Make item/page index 1-based.
    if ($current_page == $page) {
      $this->assertClass($element, 'pager-current', 'Item for current page has .pager-current class.');
      $this->assertFalse(isset($element->a), 'Item for current page has no link.');
    else {
      $this->assertNoClass($element, 'pager-current', "Item for page $page has no .pager-current class.");
      $this->assertClass($element, 'pager-item', "Item for page $page has .pager-item class.");
      $this->assertTrue($element->a, "Link to page $page found.");
      $this->assertNoClass($element->a, 'active', "Link to page $page is not active.");
  // Verify that no other items remain untested.
  $this->assertTrue(empty($elements), 'All expected items found.');

  // Verify first/previous and next/last items and links.
  if (isset($first)) {
    $this->assertClass($first, 'pager-first', 'Item for first page has .pager-first class.');
    $this->assertTrue($first->a, 'Link to first page found.');
    $this->assertNoClass($first->a, 'active', 'Link to first page is not active.');
  if (isset($previous)) {
    $this->assertClass($previous, 'pager-previous', 'Item for first page has .pager-previous class.');
    $this->assertTrue($previous->a, 'Link to previous page found.');
    $this->assertNoClass($previous->a, 'active', 'Link to previous page is not active.');
  if (isset($next)) {
    $this->assertClass($next, 'pager-next', 'Item for next page has .pager-next class.');
    $this->assertTrue($next->a, 'Link to next page found.');
    $this->assertNoClass($next->a, 'active', 'Link to next page is not active.');
  if (isset($last)) {
    $this->assertClass($last, 'pager-last', 'Item for last page has .pager-last class.');
    $this->assertTrue($last->a, 'Link to last page found.');
    $this->assertNoClass($last->a, 'active', 'Link to last page is not active.');