Helper module for the image tests.




Namesort descending Description
image_test_crop Image tookit's crop operation.
image_test_desaturate Image tookit's desaturate operation.
image_test_get_all_calls Get an array with the all the calls to the toolkits since image_test_reset() was called.
image_test_get_info Image toolkit's get_info operation.
image_test_image_toolkits Implements hook_image_toolkits().
image_test_load Image tookit's load operation.
image_test_reset Reset/initialize the history of calls to the toolkit functions.
image_test_resize Image tookit's resize operation.
image_test_rotate Image tookit's rotate operation.
image_test_save Image tookit's save operation.
image_test_settings Image tookit's settings operation.
_image_test_log_call Store the values passed to a toolkit call.