1 file.test FileDirectoryTest::testFileCreateNewFilepath()

This will take a directory and path, and find a valid filepath that is not taken by another file.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/file.test, line 1170
This provides SimpleTests for the core file handling functionality. These include FileValidateTest and FileSaveTest.


Directory related tests.


function testFileCreateNewFilepath() {
  // First we test against an imaginary file that does not exist in a
  // directory.
  $basename = 'xyz.txt';
  $directory = 'core/misc';
  $original = $directory . '/' . $basename;
  $path = file_create_filename($basename, $directory);
  $this->assertEqual($path, $original, format_string('New filepath %new equals %original.', array('%new' => $path, '%original' => $original)), 'File');

  // Then we test against a file that already exists within that directory.
  $basename = 'feed.png';
  $original = $directory . '/' . $basename;
  $expected = $directory . '/feed_0.png';
  $path = file_create_filename($basename, $directory);
  $this->assertEqual($path, $expected, format_string('Creating a new filepath from %original equals %new (expected %expected).', array('%new' => $path, '%original' => $original, '%expected' => $expected)), 'File');

  try {
    $filename = "a\xFFtest\x80€.txt";
    file_create_filename($filename, $directory);
    $this->fail('Expected exception not thrown');
  catch (RuntimeException $e) {
    $this->assertEqual("Invalid filename '$filename'", $e->getMessage(), 'Invalid filename with escaped characters.');

  // @TODO: Finally we copy a file into a directory several times, to ensure a properly iterating filename suffix.