1 database_test.test DatabaseUpdateTestCase::testUpdateAffectedRows()

Tests return value on update.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test, line 840
Database tests.


Update builder tests.


function testUpdateAffectedRows() {
  // At 5am in the morning, all band members but those with a priority 1 task
  // are sleeping. So we set their tasks to 'sleep'. 5 records match the
  // condition and therefore are affected by the query, even though two of
  // them actually don't have to be changed because their value was already
  // 'sleep'. Still, execute() should return 5 affected rows, not only 3,
  // because that's cross-db expected behaviour.
  $num_rows = db_update('test_task')
    ->condition('priority', 1, '<>')
    ->fields(array('task' => 'sleep'))
  $this->assertIdentical($num_rows, 5, 'Correctly returned 5 affected rows.');