1 database_test.test DatabaseLoggingTestCase::testEnableTargetLoggingNoTarget()

Test that logs to separate targets collapse to the same connection properly.

This test is identical to the one above, except that it doesn't create a fake target so the query should fall back to running on the default target.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test, line 2871
Database tests.


Query logging tests.


function testEnableTargetLoggingNoTarget() {

  db_query('SELECT name FROM {test} WHERE age > :age', array(':age' => 25))->fetchCol();

  // We use "fake" here as a target because any non-existent target will do.
  // However, because all of the tests in this class share a single page
  // request there is likely to be a target of "slave" from one of the other
  // unit tests, so we use a target here that we know with absolute certainty
  // does not exist.
  db_query('SELECT age FROM {test} WHERE name = :name', array(':name' => 'Ringo'), array('target' => 'fake'))->fetchCol();

  $queries1 = Database::getLog('testing1');

  $this->assertEqual(count($queries1), 2, 'Recorded queries from all targets.');
  $this->assertEqual($queries1[0]['target'], 'default', 'First query used default target.');
  $this->assertEqual($queries1[1]['target'], 'default', 'Second query used default target as fallback.');