1 common.test CommonBackdropSystemListingTestCase::testDirectoryPrecedence()

Test that files in different directories take precedence as expected.


core/modules/simpletest/tests/common.test, line 2696
Tests for common.inc functionality.


Tests scanning system directories in backdrop_system_listing().


function testDirectoryPrecedence() {
  // Define the module files we will search for, and the directory precedence
  // we expect.
  $expected_directories = array(
    // When the copy of the module in the profile directory is incompatible
    // with Backdrop core, the copy in the core modules directory takes
    // precedence.
    'backdrop_system_listing_incompatible_test' => array(
    // When both copies of the module are compatible with Backdrop core, the
    // copy in the profile directory takes precedence.
    'backdrop_system_listing_compatible_test' => array(

  // This test relies on two versions of the same module existing in
  // different places in the filesystem. Without that, the test has no
  // meaning, so assert their presence first.
  foreach ($expected_directories as $module => $directories) {
    foreach ($directories as $directory) {
      $filename = "$directory/$module/$module.module";
      $this->assertTrue(file_exists(BACKDROP_ROOT . '/' . $filename), format_string('@filename exists.', array('@filename' => $filename)));

  // Now scan the directories and check that the files take precedence as
  // expected.
  $files = backdrop_system_listing('/\.module$/', 'modules', 'name', 1);
  foreach ($expected_directories as $module => $directories) {
    $expected_directory = array_shift($directories);
    $expected_filename = "$expected_directory/$module/$module.module";
    $this->assertEqual($files[$module]->uri, $expected_filename, format_string('Module @module was found at @filename.', array('@module' => $module, '@filename' => $expected_filename)));