1 views_handler_field_search_score.inc views_handler_field_search_score::query()

Called to add the field to a query.

Overrides views_handler_field::query


core/modules/search/views/views_handler_field_search_score.inc, line 50
Definition of views_handler_field_search_score.


Field handler to provide simple renderer that allows linking to a node.


function query() {
  // Check to see if the search filter added 'score' to the table.
  // Our filter stores it as $handler->search_score -- and we also need to
  // check its relationship to make sure that we're using the same one.
  foreach ($this->view->filter as $handler) {
    if (isset($handler->search_score) && $handler->relationship == $this->relationship) {
      $this->field_alias = $handler->search_score;
      $this->table_alias = $handler->table_alias;

  // Hide this field if no search filter is in place.
  $this->options['exclude'] = TRUE;
  if (!empty($this->options['alternate_sort'])) {
    if (isset($this->view->style_plugin->options['default']) && $this->view->style_plugin->options['default'] == $this->options['id']) {
      // Since the style handler initiates fields, we plug these values right into the active handler.
      $this->view->style_plugin->options['default'] = $this->options['alternate_sort'];
      $this->view->style_plugin->options['order'] = $this->options['alternate_order'];