Theme functions and preprocessing for Link module output.




Namesort descending Description
theme_link_field Formats a link field widget.
theme_link_formatter_link_absolute Formats a link as an absolute URL.
theme_link_formatter_link_default Formats a link.
theme_link_formatter_link_domain Formats a link using the URL's domain for it's link text.
theme_link_formatter_link_label Formats a link using the field's label as link text.
theme_link_formatter_link_plain Formats a link (or its title) as plain text.
theme_link_formatter_link_separate Formats a link as separate title and URL elements.
theme_link_formatter_link_short Formats a link using "Link" as the link text.
theme_link_formatter_link_title_plain Formats a link's title as plain text.
theme_link_formatter_link_url Formats a link using an alternate display URL for its link text.