1 block.class.inc BlockBroken::getAdminPreview()

Return a preview for this block.

Overrides Block::getAdminPreview


core/modules/layout/includes/block.class.inc, line 441
A class that wraps around a block to store settings information.


A class used for blocks when their providing module or delta does not exist.


function getAdminPreview() {
  $preview = '';
  if (!module_exists($this->module)) {
    $preview .= t('This block requires the %module module. Either re-enable the module, or remove this block.', array('%module' => $this->module));
  else {
    $preview .= t('This block provided by the %module module is missing. The block has an identifier of %delta, which may have been deleted or is no longer valid.', array('%module' => $this->module, '%delta' => $this->delta));
  $preview = '<p class="error">' . $preview . '</p>';
  return $preview;