User page callbacks for the Filter module.




Namesort descending Description
filter_format_editor_dialog_save Form AJAX callback. Sends the save editor AJAX command and closes the dialog.
filter_format_editor_image_form Form callback: Display a form for inserting/editing an image.
filter_format_editor_image_form_submit Submit handler for filter_format_editor_image_form().
filter_format_editor_link_form Form callback: Display a form for inserting/editing a link or uploading a file.
filter_format_editor_link_form_submit Submit handler for filter_format_editor_link_form().
filter_format_editor_link_form_validate Validate handler for filter_format_editor_link_form().
filter_tips_long Page callback: Displays a page with long filter tips.
_filter_cleanup_url Clean up the URL for validation.
_filter_create_valid_external_url Forms a valid external URL if possible.
_filter_format_editor_link_url_validate Element validation function.
_filter_get_file_id Find a managed file ID from a url.
_filter_image_library_ajax Render the image library.
_filter_url_has_protocol Checks if a URL has a protocol.