1 views_handler_field_field.inc views_handler_field_field::field_language($entity_type, $entity)

Return the language code of the language the field should be displayed in, according to the settings.


core/modules/field/views/views_handler_field_field.inc, line 968
Definition of views_handler_field_field.


A field that displays fieldapi fields.


function field_language($entity_type, $entity) {
  global $language_content;

  if (field_is_translatable($entity_type, $this->field_info)) {
    $default_language = language_default();
    $language = str_replace(array('***CURRENT_LANGUAGE***', '***DEFAULT_LANGUAGE***'), 
    array($language_content->langcode, $default_language->langcode), 

    // Give the Field Language API a chance to fallback to a different language
    // (or LANGUAGE_NONE), in case the field has no data for the selected language.
    // field_view_field() does this as well, but since the returned language code
    // is used before calling it, the fallback needs to happen explicitly.
    $language = field_language($entity_type, $entity, $this->field_info['field_name'], $language);

    return $language;
  else {
    return LANGUAGE_NONE;