1 list.test ListFieldUITestCase::testListAllowedValuesFloat()

List (float) : test 'allowed values' input.


core/modules/field/modules/list/tests/list.test, line 319
Tests for list.module.


List module UI tests.


function testListAllowedValuesFloat() {
  $this->field_name = 'field_list_float';

  // Flat list of textual values.
  $string = "Zero\nOne";
  $array = array('Zero', 'One');
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput($string, $array, 'Unkeyed lists are accepted.');
  // Explicit numeric keys.
  $string = "0|Zero\n0.5|Point five";
  $array = array('0' => 'Zero', '0.5' => 'Point five');
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput($string, $array, 'Integer keys are accepted.');
  // Check that values can be added and removed.
  $string = "0|Zero\n0.5|Point five\n1.0|One";
  $array = array('0' => 'Zero', '0.5' => 'Point five', '1' => 'One');
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput($string, $array, 'Values can be added and removed.');
  // Non-numeric keys.
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput("abc|abc\n", 'each key must be a valid integer or decimal', 'Non numeric keys are rejected.');
  // Mixed list of keyed and unkeyed values.
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput("Zero\n1|One\n", 'invalid input', 'Mixed lists are rejected.');

  // Create a node with actual data for the field.
  $settings = array(
    'type' => $this->type,
    $this->field_name => array(LANGUAGE_NONE => array(array('value' => '0.5'))),
  $node = $this->backdropCreateNode($settings);

  // Check that a flat list of values is rejected once the field has data.
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput("Zero\nOne", 'invalid input', 'Unkeyed lists are rejected once the field has data.');

  // Check that values can be added but values in use cannot be removed.
  $string = "0|Zero\n0.5|Point five\n1.0|One\n2.0|Two";
  $array = array('0' => 'Zero', '0.5' => 'Point five', '1' => 'One', '2' => 'Two');
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput($string, $array, 'Values can be added.');
  $string = "0|Zero\n0.5|Point five\n1.0|One";
  $array = array('0' => 'Zero', '0.5' => 'Point five', '1' => 'One');
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput($string, $array, 'Values not in use can be removed.');
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput("0|Zero", 'some values are being removed while currently in use', 'Values in use cannot be removed.');

  // Delete the node, remove the value.
  $string = "0|Zero";
  $array = array('0' => 'Zero');
  $this->assertAllowedValuesInput($string, $array, 'Values not in use can be removed.');