1 dblog.test private DBLogTestCase::verifyCron($row_limit)

Verifies that cron correctly applies the database log row limit.


int $row_limit: The row limit.


core/modules/dblog/tests/dblog.test, line 103
Tests for dblog.module.


Tests logging messages to the database.


private function verifyCron($row_limit) {
  // Generate additional log entries.
  $this->generateLogEntries($row_limit + 10);
  // Verify that the database log row count exceeds the row limit.
  $count = db_query('SELECT COUNT(wid) FROM {watchdog}')->fetchField();
  $this->assertTrue($count > $row_limit, format_string('Dblog row count of @count exceeds row limit of @limit', array('@count' => $count, '@limit' => $row_limit)));

  // Run a cron job.
  // Verify that the database log row count equals the row limit plus one
  // because cron adds a record after it runs.
  $count = db_query('SELECT COUNT(wid) FROM {watchdog}')->fetchField();
  $this->assertTrue($count == $row_limit + 1, format_string('Dblog row count of @count equals row limit of @limit plus one', array('@count' => $count, '@limit' => $row_limit)));