1 stream_wrappers.inc protected BackdropLocalStreamWrapper::getTarget($uri = NULL)

Returns the local writable target of the resource within the stream.

This function should be used in place of calls to realpath() or similar functions when attempting to determine the location of a file. While functions like realpath() may return the location of a read-only file, this method may return a URI or path suitable for writing that is completely separate from the URI used for reading.


$uri: Optional URI.

Return value

Returns a string representing a location suitable for writing of a file,: or FALSE if unable to write to the file such as with read-only streams.


core/includes/stream_wrappers.inc, line 295
Backdrop stream wrapper interface.


Backdrop stream wrapper base class for local files.


protected function getTarget($uri = NULL) {
  if (!isset($uri)) {
    $uri = $this->uri;

  list($scheme, $target) = explode('://', $uri, 2);

  // Remove erroneous leading or trailing, forward-slashes and backslashes.
  return trim($target, '\/');