1 pager.class.inc public PagerDefault::execute()

Override the execute method.

Before we run the query, we need to add pager-based range() instructions to it.

Overrides SelectQueryExtender::execute


core/includes/pager.class.inc, line 56


Query extender for pager queries.


public function execute() {

  // Add convenience tag to mark that this is an extended query. We have to
  // do this in the constructor to ensure that it is set before preExecute()
  // gets called.
  if (!$this->preExecute($this)) {
    return NULL;

  // A NULL limit is the "kill switch" for pager queries.
  if (empty($this->limit)) {
    return NULL;

  $total_items = $this->getCountQuery()->execute()->fetchField();
  $current_page = pager_default_initialize($total_items, $this->limit, $this->element);
  $this->range($current_page * $this->limit, $this->limit);

  // Now that we've added our pager-based range instructions, run the query normally.
  return $this->query->execute();