The tables against which to JOIN.

This property is a nested array. Each entry is an array representing a single table against which to join. The structure of each entry is:

array( 'type' => $join_type (one of INNER, LEFT OUTER, RIGHT OUTER), 'table' => $table, 'alias' => $alias_of_the_table, 'condition' => $condition_clause_on_which_to_join, 'arguments' => $array_of_arguments_for_placeholders_in_the condition. 'all_fields' => TRUE to SELECT $alias.*, FALSE or NULL otherwise. )

If $table is a string, it is taken as the name of a table. If it is a SelectQuery object, it is taken as a subquery.

Type: array


core/includes/database/, line 902


Query builder for SELECT statements.


protected $tables = array();