1 query.inc public UpdateQuery::execute()

Executes the UPDATE query.

Return value

int: The number of rows matched by the update. This count includes rows that may have matched but not necessarily changed by the update.

Overrides Query::execute


core/includes/database/query.inc, line 1169
Non-specific Database query code. Used by all engines.


General class for an abstracted UPDATE operation.


public function execute() {
  // Expressions take priority over literal fields, so we process those first
  // and remove any literal fields that conflict.
  $fields = $this->fields;
  $update_values = array();
  foreach ($this->expressionFields as $field => $data) {
    if (!empty($data['arguments'])) {
      $update_values += $data['arguments'];

  // Because we filter $fields the same way here and in __toString(), the
  // placeholders will all match up properly.
  $max_placeholder = 0;
  foreach ($fields as $field => $value) {
    $update_values[':db_update_placeholder_' . ($max_placeholder++)] = $value;

  if (count($this->condition)) {
    $this->condition->compile($this->connection, $this);
    $update_values = array_merge($update_values, $this->condition->arguments());

  return $this->connection->query((string) $this, $update_values, $this->queryOptions);