1 database.inc abstract DatabaseConnection::queryTemporary($query, array $args = array(), array $options = array())

Runs a SELECT query and stores its results in a temporary table.

Use this as a substitute for ->query() when the results need to stored in a temporary table. Temporary tables exist for the duration of the page request. User-supplied arguments to the query should be passed in as separate parameters so that they can be properly escaped to avoid SQL injection attacks.

Note that if you need to know how many results were returned, you should do a SELECT COUNT(*) on the temporary table afterwards.


$query: A string containing a normal SELECT SQL query.

$args: An array of values to substitute into the query at placeholder markers.

$options: An associative array of options to control how the query is run. See the documentation for DatabaseConnection::defaultOptions() for details.

Return value

The name of the temporary table.:


core/includes/database/database.inc, line 1275
Core systems for the database layer.


Base Database API class.


abstract function queryTemporary($query, array $args = array(), array $options = array());