1 database.inc public DatabaseConnection::getDriverClass($class, array $files = array(), $use_autoload = FALSE)

Gets the driver-specific override class if any for the specified class.


string $class: The class for which we want the potentially driver-specific class.

array $files: The name of the files in which the driver-specific class can be.

$use_autoload: If TRUE, attempt to load classes using PHP's autoload capability as well as the manual approach here.

Return value

string: The name of the class that should be used for this driver.


core/includes/database/database.inc, line 814
Core systems for the database layer.


Base Database API class.


public function getDriverClass($class, array $files = array(), $use_autoload = FALSE) {
  if (empty($this->driverClasses[$class])) {
    $driver = $this->driver();
    $this->driverClasses[$class] = $class . '_' . $driver;
    Database::loadDriverFile($driver, $files);
    if (!class_exists($this->driverClasses[$class], $use_autoload)) {
      $this->driverClasses[$class] = $class;
  return $this->driverClasses[$class];