Empty implementation of a database statement.

This class satisfies the requirements of being a database statement/result object, but does not actually contain data. It is useful when developers need to safely return an "empty" result set without connecting to an actual database. Calling code can then treat it the same as if it were an actual result set that happens to contain no records.


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core/includes/database/database.inc, line 2353
Core systems for the database layer.


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Name Modifiers Type Descriptionsort descending
DatabaseStatementEmpty::setFetchMode public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetch public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetchObject public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetchAll function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::current public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::key public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::rewind public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::next public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::valid public function
DatabaseStatementEmpty::execute public function Executes a prepared statement Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::execute
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetchAssoc public function Fetches the next row and returns it as an associative array. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAssoc
DatabaseStatementEmpty::getQueryString public function Gets the query string of this statement. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::getQueryString
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetchField public function Returns a single field from the next record of a result set. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchField
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetchCol public function Returns an entire single column of a result set as an indexed array. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchCol
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetchAllKeyed public function Returns the entire result set as a single associative array. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllKeyed
DatabaseStatementEmpty::rowCount public function Returns the number of rows affected by the last SQL statement. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::rowCount
DatabaseStatementEmpty::fetchAllAssoc public function Returns the result set as an associative array keyed by the given field. Overrides DatabaseStatementInterface::fetchAllAssoc