Functions to temporarily store arrays or objects.

A "temp store" can be used to make temporary, non-cache data available across requests. The data for the temp store is stored in one key/value collection. Temp store data expires automatically after a given time frame.

The temp store is different from a cache, because the data in it is not yet saved permanently and so it cannot be rebuilt. Typically, the temp store might be used to store work in progress that is later saved permanently elsewhere, e.g. autosave data, multistep forms, or in-progress changes to complex configuration that are not ready to be saved..


core/includes/, line 1606
Common functions that many Backdrop modules will need to reference.


Namesort descending Location Description
tempstore_clear core/includes/ Removes an object from the semi-persistent key-value store.
tempstore_clear_all core/includes/ Removes an entire group of objects from the semi-persistent key-value store.
tempstore_get core/includes/ Gets an object from the temp store.
tempstore_set core/includes/ Stores an object in the semi-persistent key-value store.