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Join the Backdrop Contrib Group, and start having fun!

The Application Process

  1. Create an issue in the Backdrop Contrib queue.
  2. A friendly community member will review your application, looking for the following:
    • Did you provide a link to a Backdrop module, theme or layout?
      • If so, does it include a file that includes license and maintainer information. (You can use this example.)
      • Does it include a LICENSE.txt file that indicates the contributed code is GPL-2.0, or in rare cases GPL-3.0. (Please use this text for GPL-2.0.)
      • Does it maintain the Git history from Drupal 7 (see this article)?
      • Is there anything we might be able to help out with? -- If so we might offer code suggestions.
        • NOTE: It is not necessary that you address any code suggestions before joining the group. These suggestions are only meant to be helpful, and will not be a barrier to entry.
    • If not, did you provide at least 2 links to Pull Requests or commits?
      • If so, do these changes represent strong collaboration skills?
    • If not, did you @-mention someone who will provide a recommendation for you?
      • If so, have they responded with the recommendation?
  3. If all checks out, you will be asked to agree to the Backdrop Contributed Project Agreement.
  4. You will agree.
  5. You will be invited to the Backdrop contrib group.
  6. If you had provided a code sample from your own GitHub account , it will be easy to transfer a repository to the backdrop-contrib GitHub group once you are a member.

Rejected applications:

In the rare case that your application is rejected, you are welcome to reapply after a waiting period of 1 month. Please carefully review the reason for rejection, and after 1 month has passed, please open a new issue in the queue to try again. No rejected application to the Backdrop contrib group is final.