1 simpletest_example.test public SimpleTestExampleTestCase::runningOnTestbot()

Detect if we're running on PIFR testbot.

Skip intentional failure in that case. It happens that on the testbot the site under test is in a directory named 'checkout' or 'site_under_test'.

Return value

bool: TRUE if running on testbot.


modules/examples/simpletest_example/simpletest_example.test, line 103
An example of simpletest tests to accompany the tutorial at http://DOCUMENTATION_PENDING/node/890654.


The SimpleTestExampleTestCase is a functional test case, meaning that it actually exercises a particular sequence of actions through the web UI. The majority of core test cases are done this way, but the SimpleTest suite also provides unit tests as…


public function runningOnTestbot() {
  return (file_exists("../checkout") || file_exists("../site_under_test"));