1 image_example.module image_example_image_default_styles()

Implements hook_image_default_styles().

hook_image_default_styles() declares to Backdrop any image styles that are provided by the module. An image style is a collection of image effects that are performed in a specified order, manipulating the image and generating a new derivative image.

This hook can be used to declare image styles that your module depends on or allow you to define image styles in code and gain the benefits of using a version control system.

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modules/examples/image_example/image_example.module, line 87
Module file for image_example


function image_example_image_default_styles() {
  // This hook returns an array, each component of which describes an image
  // style. The array keys are the machine-readable image style names and
  // to avoid namespace conflicts should begin with the name of the
  // implementing module. e.g.) 'mymodule_stylename'. Styles names should
  // use only alpha-numeric characters, underscores (_), and hyphens (-).
  $styles = array();
  $styles['image_example_style'] = array();

  // Each style array consists of an 'effects' array that is made up of
  // sub-arrays which define the individual image effects that are combined
  // together to create the image style.
  $styles['image_example_style']['effects'] = array(
      // Name of the image effect. See image_image_effect_info() in
      // modules/image/image.effects.inc for a list of image effects available
      // in Backdrop core.
      'name' => 'image_scale',
      // Arguments to pass to the effect callback function.
      // The arguments that an effect accepts are documented with each
      // individual image_EFFECT_NAME_effect function. See image_scale_effect()
      // for an example.
      'data' => array(
        'width' => 100,
        'height' => 100,
        'upscale' => 1,
      // The order in which image effects should be applied when using this
      // style.
      'weight' => 0,
    // Add a second effect to this image style. Effects are executed in order
    // and are cummulative. When applying an image style to an image the result
    // will be the combination of all effects associated with that style.
      'name' => 'image_example_colorize',
      'data' => array(
        'color' => '#FFFF66',
      'weight' => 1,

  return $styles;